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DomiNque Perry's Interview Recap

DomiNque Perry, best known for her role on Insecure as Tasha, is an actress and dancer who is making a name for herself in Hollywood. She is a proud alumna of two HBCUS, Prairie View A&M University and Texas Southern University, where her love for dancing and acting grew. Post college, DomiNique created a dance team, Xtreme Motion, that performed on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew, and continued to perform in other dancing and singing competitions. Though she loved dancing, she wanted to focus on her acting career, so she started traveling back and forth to Los Angeles for film and music video auditions. She was featured in Snoop Dogg and T-Pain’s “Boom” music video, modeled for TI’s clothing line, and was featured in Jet Magazine’s “Beauty of the Week” section.

In order to grow her acting opportunities, DomiNque moved to Atlanta, GA, where she worked at restaurants and went to countless auditions. Her first big on-screen role was in “Get Hard” with Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart, and she went on to guest star in “American Hero”, “Splendid”, “Insecure”, and “Underground” to name a few. DomiNique’s latest project is Deadly Dispatch, where she plays the grieving widow of Shawn (who is played by rapper Bone Crusher), who was tragically murdered. She has an upcoming film called Southern Comforts that will be out around the Christmas season on BET.

Arion McCullough: Tell us about your HBCU experience and how it has helped you in the entertainment industry.

DomiNque Perry: I am a proud alumna of Prairie View A&M University and Texas Southern University, and I had an amazing time at both schools. I was a majorette, which was great, because I was able to represent my school and dance! I would say that my HBCU experience has really helped me connect with people in this industry, which is extremely important when trying to move up!

A.M: I recently watched Insecure and I absolutely loved your character, Tasha. Tell me about how you made the character your own.

D.P: Honestly, I didn’t have to make Tasha my own… because she is like me. It was really easy to relate to her. We have a lot of things in common, especially when it comes to the fact that we are both young women who are trying to make it in life and who sometimes get in the wrong relationships. I would have to say that Tasha has been, and probably will always be, my favorite character that I’ve had the opportunity to play.

A.M: Tell us a little about your character Amber on Deadly Dispatch and why people should tune in July 28th!

D.P: So, I had the opportunity to play to play Amber, the wife of Shawn, and she was an interesting character to play… I don’t want to spoil the movie, but Amber is the sassy and scheming, character that everyone loves to hate. Her relationship with Shawn is strained, mainly due to their money problems, and she is not a big fan of his best friend, Tiffany. I think that people should watch Deadly Dispatch, because of all the twists and turns in the movie. It’s based off of a true story, so that’s another interesting element that I enjoy!

A.M: What did you do to prepare for your character? Did you watch a bunch of Lifetime and ID movies?

D.P: (laughs) I already watched shows like Fatal Attraction prior to even hearing about this movie, so I didn’t do any preparation in that sense. Honestly, I wouldn’t even say that I had to do any preparation for this role! It was different from my past roles, but I didn’t need to do anything to prepare. I just came in, read the script, and became Amber!

A.M: So, what’s next for you?

D.P: Well, I have another movie coming out in December! It’s a holiday movie called Southern Comfort, featuring my good friend Raven Goodwin, and it will be shown on BET! I am also starting my own head wrap company, called Zen’s Closet, inspired by my daughter, Zen. You can find out more about it on my social media (Instagram/Twitter - @dominquep)

Don’t forget to tune in on Sunday, July 28th at 8/7c to watch Deadly Dispatch on TV One.

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