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Jocelyn Savage and Azriel Clary Speak About Living While R. Kelly Is In Prison

The status of two women, Jocelyn Savage and Azriel Clary, have been living with R. Kelly before his arrest. As we all know R. Kelly has done some very inappropriate and unacceptable behavior towards very young minors since how long? R. Kelly has been arrested recently and is faced with many charges such as child pornography, enticement of minors, and an obstruction of justice charges. Both Jocelyn and Savage have said that their living arrangements with R. Kelly were very cordial and consensual; in an interview after the documentary, Surviving R. Kelly was released. Both of the women described themselves as women who are both in a polygamous relationship with R. Kelly and living with him together. Speaking to Gayle King, the interviewer, both women were actually defending R. Kelly while their parents weren't. Their parents believe that they have been brainwashed and is being part of a " sex cult." But both Savage and Clary have denied it. According to The Blast, it was reported that both Savage and Clary have been kicked out of their residence at the Trump International Hotel in Chicago and was told to find another place as Federal Agents seized their room. But they have clarified those accusations and said that they're still at "the Trump," and that they are staying with R. Kelly by "choice." "We read a story that were evicted from the Trump and under emergency living, and we just want you guys to know that isn't true," said Clary in a video. "We're at the Trump, we've been there for years, we move freely, we come and go freely, we actually just stepped out this morning and no one said anything, no one stopped us, no one harassed us," Clary continued. "So we just want to clear that up, and it's fake news, don't believe anything you hear." Meanwhile, R. Kelly himself is currently being held at a Federal Detention Facility in Chicago. In addition, Kelly is scheduled for a next hearing date in August with facing multiple sex-crime charges.

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