Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Pt. 1: What You Missed?

The home of the peaches wasted no time to throw the shade on the Reunion Part One, which was aired on Monday, July 22nd. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta wrapped up yet another season of love filled drama, making this the 8th season of the Atlanta show. One can say that the reunion is the time where everybody’s real feelings fly; and that is definitely what happened Monday night.

Nina Parker was the host for the reunion; and has been hosting ALL of the Love and Hip Hop franchise shows for quite a while now. Parker opened the show with bringing up the newly engaged couple Joc and Kendra. Parker asked about a timeline of their relationship; because we all know that Joc has had his fair share of women. Joc implies that Kendra and him have been a thing for about three years; this leads to the questions that, one can say, everybody wants a answer to: Did Joc and Karlie Redd have sex at the ranch trip last season? Karlie and Joc both say no, and ends with the only thing that matters is that ring on Kendra’s finger and the bond their about to make together. New to the show, Pooh decides to chim in leading into a voice battle between her and Karlie. Karlie’s friend, Sierra, chimes in and also attempts to go and get a swing at Pooh.

After a commercial break, Scrappy and his wife Bambi makes there ways to the front seats along with Scrappy’s baby mother, Erica Dixon. Mama Dee, starts off by making the comment that Bambi is a great mother and step mother, referring to the new baby boy that her and Scrappy share, Breland. After Parkers brings up the chaos with Emoni’s birthday party, things take a turn for the worst. Bambi says how she believes that Erica is jealous of her and Scrappy’s relationship, Scrappy adds that after Erica had her twin baby girls he thought she ould finally be happy and stop being mad that he’s not with her. Erica then brings up the fact that Scrappy is 3 months behind on child support, Scrappy then calls Erica a “basis baby mother”, which one can say, was a low blow.

Veterans to the show, Mimi Faust and Stevie J make there way to the front seats, with Ty, Mimi’s girlfriend on her arm. Stevie once again apologies for the social media beef with Ty and saying the things he said about Mimi. Parker ask in Mimi believes the apologize and Mimi responses with a harsh “no”. Parker then ask what does Stevie need to work on and Mimi replays with “How much time do I have to answer?”, leaving the crowd shocked at her response. Ty and Stevie then go at it once Ty says that Stevie isn’t a good father, and Stevie responses with once you have children on your own you won’t know how to be a good parent.

Karlie comes to the front seat and discusses the current status between her and fiance’ Moe’s relationship. Karlie responses by saying that her and Moe and trying to work on things, this makes Mimi and Rasheeda chime in by saying that if she is unsure about her relationship and she can’t be happy, then what's the point of being in that relationship. Karlie explains that she’s taking it day by day and only time can tell what will happen.

Next up, was Karlie and Pooh to discuss this infamous threesome that might or might of didn’t happen. Parker ask Karlie how this situation being on TV has changed her life, Karlie responses that she has a sexiology license and a sex toy line, she isn’t worried about Pooh. Sierra chimes in again, but this time with some bomb shell news. Sierra explains how Pooh and her husband Hirum aren’t even married, how Pooh has no money and she was a stripper in her past life (I mean she was just spilling the tea child). Parker tells the audience how the LHH franchise decided to do there own lie detector test. Parker then states that Karlie was the only one that did the test, Pooh declines. When asked by Pooh said that she wanted somebody to administer the test that didn’t know her, Karlie, or anything about the situation so it wouldn’t be rigged. The show ended with Parker about to reveal the lie detector results!

A lot of tea right? One can only imagine what is going to go down on Part 2 of the Reunion!

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