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OITNB Returns For Its Final Season On Netflix

The Netflix hit series Orange Is The New Black announced the show would be ending after its 7 season, back in October. Season 6 ended with Piper’s early release, Taystee’s prison release, and a whole lot of questions. Season 7 was released on Friday July 26th and it’s back with more backstories, and answers to loose ends.

Season 7 will probably pick up where it left off, following Bianca’s transfer to an immigration camp, Alex’s time, Daya’s addiction to her drugs, the aftermath of the kickball game, and Piper’s time home.

All of this comes as a result of Season 5 after Poussey was killed by a guard with no justice, and a protest turned riot broke out resulting in the shooting and death of a guard.

I think what fans will be looking forward to the most is Taystee’s story and how it’s going to unfold since she’s become a fan favorite. Many wonder whether or not Caputo will be able to successfully reveal what really happened and get Taystee released from her sentence. Others are looking forward to see what will happen with her and Cindy’s friendship.

Hopefully season 7 will answer other questions we’ve had at the end of the 6th season. Will Gloria be able to expose the guard’s fantasy inmate game? Will Aleida get her kids back? What will happen with Daya’s baby? What comes of Lorna’s Labor?

The six year show will surely deliver the ending we deserve. It’s bittersweet but it’s time. The hit series that shook everyone in 2013 will definitely be missed.

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