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Fresh Start Worship’s New Single “Have It All”

Contemporary-gospel group Fresh Start Worship recently released their new single, “Have It All.” The group was previously a quintet group, but recently gained one new member. Known mainly for their 2017 single, “Mention”, Fresh Start Worship has continued to release contemporary worship music to help reach the souls of millennials.“Have It All” has three versions, two of which were released on their 2018 self-titled album. Their newest version of the single, “Have It All” features singer, Sarai. Sarai leads the song with her smooth tone as Fresh Start Worships provides the most beautiful harmonies in the background.

“Have It All” is a song that embodies surrendering one’s life to Christ. The lyrics of the chorus is “All you’ve done/ All you gave me/ Did it just for me/ And all I have and all I am/ I give it back to thee/ Have it all.” Sarai’s runs, Fresh Start Worship’s soft octave and the mellow chords of the instrumental all make up the perfect recipe for a good, cry-worthy worship session. “Have It All” is available on all streaming platforms, so be sure to check it out! If you like the single that much, there are two other versions to listen to as well! The link to the latest version of the song featuring Sarai is down below!

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