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Jacob Latimore and Actress Serayah Confirm The Rumors Of Being A Couple!

Let me just say, for it to be a “Hot Girl Summer” a lot of us “Hot Girls” are jumping into relationships (I mean forreal, Megan The Stallion got a boyfriend; and now Yung Miami got a boyfriend too, AND A BABY. “Hot Girl Summer” has officially ENDED) Who else is getting boo’ed up you ask? New to the dating club is actress Serayah McNeil and singer and actor Jacob Latimore.

Some of you may be unfamiliar with that name but maybe the name “Tiana Brown” rings a bell, as that was her character’s name of the hit show from FOX Empire. Jacob Latimore has multiple roles as he is a American singer/rapper and an actor. Latimore is known for his roles in “The Maze Runner”, “ The CHI” and “Detroit”. The pair always managed to throw hints out their, such as this passing Spring during the Cardi B x Fashion Nova event, during an interview, Serayah was asked were her and Latimore officially and she stated “possibly” with a smile. Another hint was thrown when Latimore did a video with BOSSIP and when asked about his status with him and Serayah he responded with they've been on a couple of dates, and “that’s my lil’ boo”.

But things were made loud and clear to the world on Monday, June 24th on Instagram. Latimore posted a video on his IG page that consisted of him and Serayah singing their duet “Caught Up”. The two looked real “lovey dovey” and even ended the video with gazing into each others eyes. I guess you can say, IT’S OFFICIAL! What a cute couple am I right? And to make things even more cuter, the two even acted together on the new Netflix series “The Chi Season 2”.


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