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Lovers Or Friends? Fabolous x Emily B

About a week ago, TMZ released a story about rapper Fabolous and his longtime girlfriend, Emily B. The story revealed that the couple may no longer be a couple anymore. Apparently, TMZ was told that Fabolous and Emily B haven’t been together for nearly a year now, by a close friend. To top it off, Fabolous was caught having a meal with an unknown woman in New Jersey. The two sat directly across from each other, although, the picture doesn’t show any intimate feelings or actions. Additionally, the picture does not disclose who the woman could be.

The story came as a shock to fans. Emily B has been the girlfriend of Fabolous for over a decade now, and even gave him two children in this time span. However, there have been some rough moments previously in the relationship. Just last year, Fabolous was caught on video charging at Emily and a man who appeared to be her family member. The incident transpired into an arrest and charges against Fab for domestic violence with significant bodily injury, possession of a weapon, and two counts of threatening to kill. Luckily for him, Fab was able to accept a plea deal with the support from Emily and her family.

TMZ seemed to catch the rapper by surprise as well. Nearly a day after the article launched, Fabolous started a live chat on Instagram stating that TMZ was lying.

“I never said that to anyone, never said that to anything public anywhere,” he said. “How could I cut her off? Everybody knows I’m fighting back for her.”

In the live, Fab also explained the picture with the unidentified woman. She is allegedly a teacher and the two were having a lunch meeting about giving back to the schools of Brooklyn.

The most surprising aspect of everything is Emily’s response. Unlike Fab, she has not denied or confirmed the claims made by TMZ. However, she does have fans on the edge of belief due to her posts on Instagram. On her story, Emily posted a quote with the caption “this has been my mood all year!”

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