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“Can’t Wait to See Her Smile” by Bryson Tiller

Ladies, don’t you love when your man notices the little things about you? We all love those little compliments that put butterflies in our stomachs. Those sweet words of affirmation, just to put a smile on your face. In less than a week after the release of his track “Blame”, the R&B artist Bryson Tiller has paired with DJ Snake to release a new single “Can’t Wait to See Her Smile”. In this song, Tiller is very forward with is his feelings and is not afraid to express them the best way he knows how. Providing us with a mix of classic R&B and complete summer vibes, it is apparent that our guy is madly in love. And he wants the world to know. The chorus sings: ‘Less you right there beside me Glidin down the street I like to see you smilin Yeah yeah, you know i like to see you smilin Aint seen it in a while A while Yea, I like your smile, aint seen it in a while

Hearing, this song definitely put a smile on my face. It also goes to show that sometimes a man just wants to see is lady smile. Because that’s all it takes to make his day. The ‘TrapSoul King’ himself has yet again bestowed on us another R&B hit to add to our summer playlist. Check out Bryson Tillers’ “Smile”.

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