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Tank’s “I Don't Think You're Ready”

On July 26, 2019, the R&B singer TANK dropped another sexy hit, Enticing the ears of his listeners. Before the track was dropped, the singer decided to be a tease on IG by saying “Everything sexy about the summer belongs to me and I promise to share it with you”. Driving fans crazy with anticipation, this is definitely a track that will put you in the mood. But at the same time, it will leave you in shock. Tank gets very detailed in his lyrics. After listening a few times. I, myself was not ready.

He sings: Girl, get your face down for a minute Let me go down and change your mind Where you don’t Make a decision, baby You got the fire that im looking for, baby I wanna be your pleasure, get it over her now And I oop!….Tank gets very intimate with the ears of his listeners and leaves little to no room for imagination. He sings of his woman and all the things he wants to do with her when they hit the bedroom. He’s confident, and knows that she isn’t ready for what he has in store. It is said that “I Don't Think You're Ready” is the second track on his upcoming album titled ELEVATION which is soon to be released in the fall. In the mean time check out Tanks hot new track “I Don’t Think You’re Ready”.

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