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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Part 2: What You Missed!

The 8th Season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta came to an end Monday, July 29th; and yes, it ended on a very juicy note. If you thought Part One of the Reunion was some drama, you can only imagine the blows thrown during Part Two of the Reunion.

The show started with having viewers on edge because they jumped right into host, Nina Parker, revealing the answers to Karlie’s lie detector test. Parker revealed that there was “no deception indicated” to Karlie stated “no” to having a threesome with Pooh and her husband Hyrum and also to Karlie popping on Pooh’s sheets. However, her answer for saying “no” to be sexual with Pooh and Hyrum (separately) were inclusive. Karlie, finally proving the world that she was right and that Pooh was a liar, cries with tears of joy. Pooh claims, still, that the threesome happened. Parker then ask for a clap battle to see which person they believe is telling the truth, and being the veteran to the franchise, Karlie gets the most claps means the crowd believes her.

Scrapp Deleon is then brought to the hot seat, and brought on stage with him was his mother, KK, and old “fling” Moniece Slaughter, who is a member of the LHH Hollywood cast. Parker brings up the tension between Scrapp and his uncle, Stevie J. But one can say, guys shake and move on, which is exactly what the two did; Stevie apologized for not being there to vouch for Scrappy, and the two make amends and continues with the show. Scrappy then apologizes to Moniece for making her think it was something there when it wasn’t; Moniece then reveals to the world that her and her old love, AD, have come back together but their are still things there that they need to work on.

No one expected what happened next to transpire. Parker ask if any of the cast members visited Scrap while he was in prison. Karlie then speaks up and says that she went to visit him many times, when asked why she responded that people in that predicament need support and just a person to talk to, and she didn’t mind being that person for him. Under her breath, Pooh makes the comment “Well they did use to f*ck”. Out of nowhere, Scraps mother KK snatches her hair (they were 2 seats away from each other) and proceeds to lay hands on her. Tokoyo Vanity proceeds to run over and lend a hand with KK, but security quickly came and defused the situation, and toke Pooh off stage. When asked why she did what she did, KK responded that she’s not having anybody talk about her children “period” and Scrap commented that he’s surprised it didn’t happen sooner.

Sierra then is brought to the stage and is asked about her current status with boy toy BK. She states that “it’s complicated” and she’s just enjoying life at the moment. Pooh, then states that she thought her and Sierra was friends; and just as soon as things seem as if their taking a turn for the better, Pooh then makes the comment that Sierra is jealous of her, her house, her life, etc. One can say that ruined friendship that was going to come about for the two. Akbur then makes the stage and her, Tokoyo and Spice come to an amends. Parker then ask Akbur about her problem with Shakana, after both of them spoke one can say that it seems to be over a guy. Skanana seemed very unbothered by the situation, while Akbur was ready to throw hands. Thankful nothing transpired, but sadly, looks like there will be no reconciliation with the two.

Rasheeda and Kirk make the stage, and Rasheeda informs everybody that Kirk has made a 360 turn from last season to this season. Why asked about Kirk and Jasmine’s child, Cannon she explains that just seeing his little adorable face make her not think of how he came. Kirk explains that no telling Rasheeda about him getting Jasmine his number was wrong, and that at the end of that day he was just scared of doing another wrong doing in his relationship. But now it looks as if the two have moved on from the situation and are enjoying the money ventures they have going on.

Spice then explains that looking back on her theory of bleaching her skin to start a movement was not the way to go, and she’s glad she didn’t go thru with it. Spice explains that she still has a friendship with Mimi, being that went back and forth during the season about the issue. Mimi then explains that she had to look at everything thru Spices eyes, and after doing that she see’s why she wanted to bleach her skin; but, she just felt that there was a better way to promote the awareness. What better way to do that then by music? Spice ends off by saying that she is definitely booked and busy.

Tokoyo ends the show by saying that while filming she was depressed, but her friends and family were there to get her through it. She made the comment “I whooped depression’s butt”, and said that without that support she didn’t know how she was going to get through it. Nina then ask if Tokoyo was back to her happy self because of a certain Mister that constantly appears on her Instagram stories. With lots of giggles she replies “yeah” and the whole crowd clapped with joy.

And there you have it, another drama-filled Love and Hip Hop Atlanta has come to a end. Keep you TV’s tune as Love and Hip Hop Hollywood makes it way because to VH1 on this Monday, July 5th. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this!

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