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Rapper Kendrick Lamar Welcomes His First Baby to the World!

Show of hands, how many people knew rapper Kendrick Lamar was having a baby? Okay no hands; raise your hand if you knew that Kendrick had a fiance? Exactly what I thought no hands again. The D.A.M.N rapper seems to keep a lot about his personal life under raps; but seriously how are you too keep a baby from the media for long.

Supposedly, Lamar and his fiance, Whitney Alford, welcomed a baby girl in the world on Friday, July 26th. But it’s not surprising news that this information wasn’t known; since his rise to fame in the music world, Lamar keep a lot of things about his private life under wraps. Like his relationship for example. Lamar has been dating since Whitney since they were in high school and became engaged back in 2015. Lamar confirmed their engagement in April of 2015 during a radio show, and adding the line “I’m loyal to the soil”.

So far we don’t have any information about the new baby girl, except for the day she was born (July 26th). Hopefully as time passes more news about Kendrick Lamar’s princess will hit the fan! (Probably not, but let’s just ALL hope so!)

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