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In The Lord's Name We Say Amen!

Can the church give us an Amen and a hand clap of Praise for our brother Donald! He comes to The Divah Filez congregation today to deliver us new music (new to us at least!) Lawrence proclaimed “New Year New Blessings” and meant that, right after the new year he released his new album Goshen on February 1.

Goshen, being the place of comfort and plenty, was known as God’s protective place. Now Divah congregation if I can get you all to turn to Genesis 45:10 and read with me out of the new international version. The scripture reads today “You shall live in the region of Goshen and be near me—you, your children and grandchildren, your flocks and herds, and all you have.”

Lawrence so graciously chose to come together with the Tri-City singers and allow us to explore and heal through his musical rendition of Goshen. The album will ignite a feeling of blessings and better days with the lovely vocals of the Tri-City singers. All 14 tracks are riveting - and this is coming from a NEC church goer (New Years, Easter, & Christmas.)

Donald Lawrence has been making gospel music since the 90’s. Once receiving his bachelors in fine arts from The Cincinnati Conservatory he began singing praise and developing other artist. Starting with the title minister of music in the Cincinnati Southern Baptist Church in Reading Road. Then moving to being a vocal coach for the many artists we know and love, like En Vogue. He wrote music for The Clark Sisters, Stephanie Mills, and collaborated on works with Kirk Franklin, Mary J. Blige, and Donnie McClurkin.

Goshen – as seen in the Bible’s book of Exodus – was God’s protective place and Lawrence says he wanted his new music to parallel the book in a way that reminds people to be aware of their inner pharaohs because “sometimes we need to be delivered from ourselves,” he said, and to be open to God’s restoration because the next step is forward.

Lawrence has truly perfected the craft of singing praise to the most high, and reminds us that even at our lowest of lows that he will never leave or forsake us! Donald Lawrence has been such an influence in the music industry especially the gospel genre. Goshen is a masterful piece of work and does not fall short of its title at all.

Let us end with a prayer, Divah congregation bow your heads if you will. Dear lord we come to you as humble servants and ask that are checks get bigger and butts get thicker oh lord, and we ask that you keep us in your favor this tax season, in the lord's name we owe it all. Amen!

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