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A$AP Rocky Found Guilty

In late June, A$AP Rocky started the European leg of his “Injured Generation Tour”, but was arrested a few days later for assault. While in Sweden, A$AP shared a video on his Instagram, saying that he was being followed by two men for nearly 4 blocks. Days later, he turned himself in to the police and was denied the opportunity to meet with U.S. Embassy representatives. While the Swedish authorities launched an investigation into A$AP Rocky and the assault allegations, the rapper was not allowed to leave Stockholm until the investigation was completed and was required to stay in a detention center.

On July 25, Swedish Prosecutors charge A$AP with assault, saying that he and two members of his crew intentionally committed the crime together. The presiding judge of the case gave A$AP and his two friends the opportunity to come back to the United States until the final verdict was announced. A few weeks later, the Stockholm District Court decided that A$AP Rocky was guilty and did not act in self defense. Though he is guilty, he will not serve time, instead, he will have to pay for the costs of the man who he assaulted.

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