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Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Episode 4 RECAP

Here’s what you missed on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Episode 4 (Aired August 26th)

“The Guys” discuss their Problems over Basketball: Episode four starts off with “the guys” playing basketball at a black top court. The guys include, A1, Fizz, new to the cast, Mickey Munday, and Booby. Booby starts the conversation by asking about Fizz’s relationship with Apryl, Omarion’s baby mother. Fizz informs him and the group that their relationship is simply platonic (which we know all changes with time *inserts sly face emoji*). What Fizz and the rest of the guys don’t know is that Booby’s reasoning for asking is because he’s actually trying to make a move on the mother of two.

Mickey Munday then talks about his relationship status. Munday reveals to the guys that he recently stopped “talking” to a girl named Tricia, who is the ex-wife of singer and now music manager, Akon. (We then find out that Akon has about 5 wives. WHOA.). He’s now dating a girl named Slick, a model, and the face of Rhianna’s makeup campaign. A1 ends the conversation by going into his spill of drama for the moment, with rapper Summer Bunni. After admitting that he, in fact, did cheat on her, Lyrica decides she’s done. Fizz and Booby come to his aid and basically tell him that if it’s something he wants to fight for then he needs to do just that.

Princess tags along with Lyrica House Shopping: Lyrica and Princess are with a realtor looking at a home, that Lyrica may possibly be moving to with baby Ocean….without A1. After the relator leaves, Princess and Lyrica start talking and Lyrica informs her that she still doesn’t know whether she wants to stay at home with A1 or call it quits and get her own home. Princess informs that back when her and husband, Ray J, were dating she decided to move out, and cut off contact with the singer for months. Lyrica once again says she wants her family together but can’t live with the energy at home with living with A1.

K. Mitchell & Brittany B discuss music….. and Blac Chyna: The well known R&B singer, K Michelle and friend/music manager Brittany B have a sit down on the beach. B begins to tell Michelle how she’s been working with business woman, Blac Chyna with making music. K Michelle obviously takes the conversation personal, and states how the music industry is the only industry where any and everybody things they can fit in. The conversation strays to B helping Moniece and Apryl get ready for a tour, in which B and Michelle both believe will be a disaster. K Michelle then states how she misses her “sister” Lyrica, B on the other hand, states how Lyrica turned her back on her and how they were once really close friends, but because Lyrica wanted to clown there relationship the friendship ended.

Mickey Munday gives us insight on his Home + Work Life: Munday explains how he’s family orientated, and how he has a nine year old daughter. At dinner with his family, Munday discusses how being the only white person in the streets of L.A. made him feel outcasted. We then find out that Munday was offered a lead role in the hit series “Empire”, but he turned down the role to work on his music with singer, Akon; who ensured him that he was going to be a hit.

A1 and Lyrica Finally Speak on the Issue at Hand: A1 begins the conversation with Lyrica in her home by saying he tired of the tension and he’s sorry. He says that he was lost, and that he just really wants to make things work; for not just them but for baby Ocean. A1 ask Lyrica if being with him is what she wants, she replies by saying that she would be lying if she said she no, but she feels unsure. A1 then offers Lryica the chance to come out on tour with him, to perform. Lyrica replays that the offer sounds good but she just needs time to think about it.

Moniece and Apryl have a Vocal Coach Meeting: Moniece and Apyrl meet up with Moniece’s cousin, Stevie Mackey, for a vocal class. Brittany B then makes her appearance at the session, and even shows off her own vocal skills. B then explains that Moniece’s and Apyrl’s partnership is shocking to her, due to the fact that they were just going at it on social media 2.5 seconds ago. Moniece explains that the animosity, after her and Apryl talked, was with Fizz. B explains how she doesn’t take Apryl seriously; but she decided that she’s going to get the both of them in shape anyway.

Tricia & Mickey Munday Meet Up: Tricia makes her way to LHH scene, and her and Munday have a dinner and a lil chat. She informs that the last time they chatted things didn’t go well with the both of them. They both addressed the topic and we learn that there lil fling lasted about 4 months and that they just weren’t compatible. Tricia explains how her and Akon are back together, and how Munday is happy with his new girlfriend Slick. Tricia seems upset to hear about his new girlfriend, but the conversation quickly shifts gears on a happy note.

K Mitchelle and Lyrica talk things out: K Mitchelle explains how she was wrong for saying what she did about Lyrica wanting to smash Safaree. Lyrica responds how she had to defend herself against the world and how she DID NOT sleep with Safaree and after K Michelle started the rumor things get tough. K Michelle and Lyrica have a heart to heart moment, and makeup and become sisters again. K Michelle asked Lyrica to come perform at an event she’s hosting, and to focus on her music and forget the unnecessary drama.

Brittany B vs. Zell & Paris: Brittany B hold her an event with friends Jason Lee and Mr. Ray along her side. Zell Swag and Paris decides to pop up at the event, Brittany B is instantly bothered by Paris’ presence. B then ask Paris did she uber to the event, Paris, confused by the question quickly responds “We got a lil’ ride” in a jokingly manner. Mr. Ray and Zell show the world that they become friends

again, which no one ever thought would happen. Brittany B kills the kumbaya moment by stating that she definitely didn’t invite Paris to her event. This brings an uproar and Zell, sticking up for his best friend Paris, states that if she wants to throw shade then he can definitely throw shade too. This causes a much bigger scene with Brittany B throwing around Uber jokes, and Zell insuring that she came dressed looking like an Uber (now that was actually funny).

Stay tuned next week, Monday September 2nd, for the next episode of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood!

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