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Fantasia’s New Single & Tour Info!

Season 3 American Idol champion, Fantasia recently released her single “PTSD” featuring T-Pain. “PTSD” is the first single from Fantasia’s Sketchbook album. It is also the first single she has released since her previous album’s single, “Enough.” “PTSD” takes on an edgy type of vibe, holding two references for the acronym; post-traumatic stress disorder and post-traumatic sex disorder. The song refers to the process of dealing with a bad breakup and recognizing one’s self-worth. The singer repeats “I can’t let you give me PTSD” throughout the song as she sings about how a person was not good enough to stay with. It appears that her upcoming album, Sketchbook will consist of many different stories like the one told in “PTSD.” When asked about the inspiration for her latest album, she stated “Many people have experienced disappointment in the pursuit of love, but refuse to let one bad experience dictate their entire outlook on love and romance overall.”

The “Truth Is” singer is taking her sketchbook with her to 29 different cities on tour. The Sketchbook Tour kicks off on October 17th in Columbia, SC and will end in Los Angeles, CA on December 6th. The opening acts for her headlining tour will be RnB sensations, Tank, Robin Thicke and The Bonfyre. Tickets and VIP bundles for the tour can be found on Until then, be sure to stream “PTSD” featuring T-Pain on every streaming platform and stay tuned for the upcoming release of Fantasia’s newest album, “Sketchbook.”

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