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“Playing Games” by SummerWalker

Our girl Summer Walker has yet again, hit us with another R&B slow jam. This time she is tired of all the games. In this song, Walker is telling her S/O that she is feeling under appreciated. She’s putting her all into the relationship, but isn’t receiving what she deserves. I think we all know of or have been in one of those situations where the girl/guy just doesn't seem to know what they want. And just keeps playing games. They say they want one thing but their actions don’t match what they say. Which makes the relationship feel and seem more like a situationship. She sings: If you claim you want me It aint no thang You acting kinda shady You ain’t been calling me baby, oh Boy, you can go and stop playing games Playing games

This song is definitely relatable. It gives words to describe a frustrating situation that most have experienced but can never seem to find the words. With this hit, SummerWalker sets the record straight “I’m just tryin’ to match your words with your actions/ I need more than satisfaction”. Check out SummerWalkers, so song “Playing Games”.

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