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Love, Marriage and the Carriage

Cassie is pregnant and engaged. Come through sis, listen this right here is HAPPINESS at its finest. SO check this out, Cassie was with music mogul more than a DECADE. The couple split a month before model and mother of three Diddy's children Kim Porter passed away.

Right after the breakup she's pregnant and engaged. Sis is LIVING HER BEST LIFE and we're rooting for her. Cassie is currently dating Alex Fine who is a personal trainer ( Cassie's and Diddy's ex personal trainer). On June 13th, Cassie broke the internet with her pregnancy announcement and then On August 24, Fine popped the question and that broke the internet as well. Time and Love waits for NO ONE, so look if you've been in a relationship for YEARS and nothing changed, don't be afraid to start over. All I know is I wanna be like Cassie when I grow up sis.

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