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Lil Mama Shoots her Shot with Meek Mill

Lil Mama got in on the action and added her two cents, commenting, “Why you ain’t just post us?” Meek not realizing that she was probably joking responded “oh ya shooting ya shot “shot” huh?” Of course, eagle-eyed commenters noticed the curve and screenshotted away clowning the “Lip Gloss” rapper for her failed attempt at getting boo’d up with the Philly rapper. Seeing that she shot her shot and it was the same demeanor of anyone shooting their shot. But seeing she is in the celebrity spotlight and it is known that Lil Mama has not been popping since the TLC movie. People are saying that she is just looking for clout or a comeback. But who really knows why she put that comment. Of course twitter users had a lot to say once they got wind of this brief interaction. One user commented, “Lil Mama shooting her shot at Meek Mill is hilarious.” Another one commented, “Lil Mama is gorgeous. Meek Mill, you fool!”

We’ll just have to see Meek will take this further and if Lil Mama would keep shooting her shot.

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