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Kylie & Kim’s New Fragrance Collab

Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, two of the world’s biggest influencers, decided to join forces (again) and release a new fragrance for Kim’s perfume collection, KKW Fragrance. Between the two sisters, they own several product collections, such as KKW Beauty, KKW Fragrances, Kylie Cosmetics, and Kylie Skin, and have millions of dollars.

During the month of April, they announced that the perfume would be available on starting on the 26th of April, and that buyers should look out for the exciting packing that they put together. Unfortunately, due to the product failing its durability test, they had to postpone the launch date. The lip-shaped bottles were in three colors, red, nude, and pink, which all represent different scents and personalities.

Red Lips: supposed to put you in the mindset of a floral bouquet, with the scent of red lotus blossoms, blood orange zest, ylang, and the subtle smell of vanilla bean. Pink Lips: considered the tropical scent out of the tree, with a strong combination of coconut, pink musks, and mandarin.

Nude Lips: the warmest scent out of the three, with a vanilla musk mixed with jasmine, magnolia and peony.

After a couple months passed by, the sisters reunited to share that their fragrance collection’s official launch date would be August 23, 2019. To help build the hype, many social media influencers, media editors and friends of the Kardashian family received large boxes with all three scents, as well as a giant pair of gummy textured lips in the same shape of the perfume bottles.

Each bottle is $40, but you can buy all three in a bundle for $110.

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