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Ray J and Princess are having Baby #2

Ray J, who is known for being a rapper and Kim Kardashian’s infamous ex boyfriend, is expecting another baby with his wife, Princess Love, who is a star on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. The famous couple is not new to parenthood, as they have a daughter, Melody Love Norwood, who has helped ease some of the tension between Princess and her mother-in-law, Sonja. Prior to Melody’s birth, the reality show highlighted the conflict between the two, showing that their two personalities did not work well together, but now, their relationship is a lot better.

Over the years, Ray J and Princess have been open about their struggles with starting their family. On Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, Princess was seeing crying about her negative pregnancy tests, while Ray J did a ‘sperm count’ contest with his friends, A1 and Safaree, to see who had the highest sperm count. Much to Ray J’s dismay, he was on the low end for sperm. Once it was confirmed that Princess was pregnant, she wanted to ensure that Ray J knew how hard it was going to be for her until labor, so she made sure that he wore a faux pregnant belly (that included breasts) and connected him to a contraction simulation device.

Since being blessed with baby Melody, the family has done various photoshoots, and even a commercial for Raycon, Ray J’s electronics store. Before they publicly announced that Princess is expecting another baby, multiple sources have shared that the couple was looking to have another child, but they were worried that they were getting too old. Ray J and Princess announced that they were expecting baby number two by posting pictures on social media, highlighting Princess’s pregnant belly. The newest addition to the Norwood family is expected to arrive in January 2020.

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