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Tee Grizzley's Aunt / Manager Dies In Fatal Shooting

On August 20th, Detroit police officers reported a shooting on 3 Mile Dr that occurred around 9 p.m.

Tee Grizzley, his driver, and Jobina “JB” Brown were stopped on the street at this time. The trio was making a trip to the studio this night. Insiders reported to TMZ, that Grizzley was exiting the black Chrysler 300 before being approached by the shooter. Within seconds, shots were being fired to the left side of the car. Brown sat in the back seat of the car and received most of the shots.

Brown was taken to the hospital, but unfortunately died at the age of 41. Grizzley and the driver were unharmed in the incident.

The police have explained an investigation was happening, but so far there have been no suspects.

Following the shooting, celebrities and fellow artists reached out to Grizzley with condolences.

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