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REVOLT Summit ATL Recap

On Thursday, September 12th, 2019 right in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia held the three-day REVOLT Summit filled with nothing but Black Excellence. To break it down, the first day of the REVOLT Summit was filled with many panels discussing fashion, music, technology, comedy, and social media. And it also showcased how hip-hop culture influences us, and how it goes far beyond just the music you listen to. Both Timbaland and Swizz Beatz have swapped stories while speaking during the REVOLT stating how much they admire each other and told us the difference beat-makers and producers. Swizz Beatz stated, “There’s a difference between a producer and a beat-maker. It’s a big difference. And I feel we need more producers than beat-makers. We got a lot of beat-makers out there doing a lot of beats, but they not equipped enough to get in front of artists and construct a song. Challenge that artist in the studio. Let them know why your presence is important because the artist is going to still collect beats and not care about who you are. But as a producer, the artist kind of has to go back and make that phone call to you. That’s why me and Timbaland are still in the business 20 years later.” And also, what we got out of this panel was some very motivating affirmations to take home with us. Here are some of the few that was said: “ The internet; let it connect you, don’t let it affect you,” “ Interning is definitely great. Get one!” “ Pay attention to the goosebumps,” and “ Take a chance on yourself.” And the panelists went in and talked about how social media can affect our mental health, and that we need to be careful looking at other people’s careers and just focus on what you’re doing.

The setup of this event by itself was one key indicator of just how far hip hop has come, with an experience outfitted with strategically-placed Ciroc-anchored bars. While pop-up art galleries filled the venue, and also Black-owned food trucks lining the edge the site. Social media sensations such as B. Simone, Shiggy and Blame It On Kway revealed the keys to turning social media followers into dollars. While Jeezy discussed his journey of leveraging a life from the streets into corporate success, explaining the responsibility that one must find in pivoting through life to reach your end goals. The course of the three-day REVOLT Summit was the ability to have such outstanding and uplifting conversations and topics to take place. The freedom to express ourselves in a room filled with Black Excellence. As Diddy stated, “ We the magic, baby. We ain’t gon’ stop.”

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