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“Coming Home”: by Pusha T ft. Ms. Lauryn Hill

Pusha T is back with another track, joining alongside him for this soul touching duet, the lovely, the legendary Ms. Lauryn Hill herself. Together they have created a piece that is not only pleasing to the ears but relatable. This dynamic piece was produced by none other than the great Kanye West. “Coming Home” is a song about mass incarceration, and those who have suffered through it. Highlighting the feelings, and the mix of emotions felt during that time. It was written to give hope to those who think there is none. Pusha states “I'm speaking’ to the soul of my black native bros”.

He’s reaching out to all the men who can relate to the trials and tribulations that come with being a black man, who weren’t given a chance. This song is a reminder to those who are still locked up that they are not alone, that there are people that are waiting for their release And for those who are getting out, that they will still have a support system when they come home. Lauryn Hill, brings a beautiful but heartfelt words of encouragement, singing, New plan, but it's a new day Black people past their due date Settin' the captives free in a new way “Coming Home” speaks to the heart, mind, and soul. Both beautiful and inspirational. Share with someone you know, in a similar situation. Words of encouragement can go a long way. Check out Pusha T’s newest single feature Lauryn Hill, “Coming Home”.

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