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Terrance Howard is Quitting Acting

Terrance Howard, who is currently the star of FOX’s drama-filled show, Empire, has recently announced that he is cutting his acting career short. He has worked in the acting industry for over 30 years, starring in animated films, crime shows, soap opera series, and more. While participating in an interview with Cheslie Kent (Miss USA), Howard revealed that once Empire’s sixth and final season ends, he will no longer look towards being on the TV screens in millions of homes. He is “done pretending” and hoping to bring “truth to the world.” Howard still has obligations to star in “Cut Throat City” and “Selfie, both action movies, but once production is over, so are his acting efforts. We are unsure what truth he is hoping to showcase to our eyes, but Terrance Howard is known for being passionate at everything he sets his mind on.

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