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Alex Boye, Shares life story

On September 13th, Youtube star and alumni of Americas Got Talent Alex Boye released his new album Coming To Amerika. With this album, Boye takes his listeners on a journey into his life from past to his present. On September 19th, the artist took to Instagram to share is breathtaking life story. This album documents his life’s story. From being born in London, to living with his father in Nigeria, experiencing rejection, and having to live with his mother back in London, to even temporarily living in the foster care system.

Despite the many hardships faced as a child, through deep depression, sadness, and thoughts of suicide, Boye continued to push through never losing sight of his dreams. In the post the singer talks about how he has always prayed that he would one day create and album dedicated to his life’s story. An album that would not only top number one on the charts world wide, but would also bring hope and uplift people. He stated “They say it takes a village to raise a child…. this is my child”. Checkout Alex Boye’s story on Instagram. And if you want to help make his lifelong dream become a reality, download his album Coming to Amerika. Listen to his life’s story and may it bring inspiration and hope to you.

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