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You Get A Doll...

Rated E for EVERYONE! Mattel is winning the hearts of a lot of parents/guardians as they release Gender- Neutral role dolls. With gender fluid titles beings as popular as normal now of days Mattel is on this wave. There's dolls can be dressed as a boy, girl, or even both. This line of dolls released September 25th priced at $29.99. Mattel states that while researching the dolls, they spoke to over 250 families with children who identify across the gender spectrum. This should help push other toy brands and stores to create gender neutral aisles in stores to make children comfortable. Personally, I work at Target and I see parent's buying their sons barbie dolls or pink items and for their daughters they get race cars, basketballs, or blue colored items. This will stop other shoppers and even workers not to stare which a situation like that occurs. Pink is for girls and blue is for boys says society. My favorite color is blue, while others may not even be in the pink/blue family. The stereotypes given by society can affect ones thinking in a negative aspect so I think it was an AMAZING idea for Mattel to create this line of dolls.

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