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Robin Thicke’s New Single “When You Love Somebody”

Robin Thicke is madly in love in his new serenading single, “When You Love Somebody”. The R&B singer/song-writer is known particularly for his honest honey sweet love songs and ballads. Now a judge on TV show, The Masked Singer, Thicke continues to make strides in music with “When You Love Somebody” being the follow-up to “That’s What Love Can Do,” released in March. Produced by Harmony Samuels, “When You Love Somebody” opens up with a pretty harmonized set of strings accompanied by a groovy drum set and electric guitar loop. Thicke bops along the tracks and drum feels boasting his romance for his love.

Easy going, “When You Love Somebody” produces a sound that makes you feel seasonal love right on time for Autum and “cuffing” season. Thicke croons about love in his lyrics,“Cause when you love somebody, and need somebody/No need to fight it, so help me help you Love somebody, and need somebody, we'll be somebody,”as a man happiliy in love. He offers the world the chance of the same feeling as he sings, “So help me help you love/ I don't care, I don't care, I don't care/ Any time, any place, any where Don't it sound like a sweet romance.” Robin Thicke is expected to release his eighth studio album soon via Thicke Music/EMPIRE but while waiting for that project, October 17th, Thicke will join Fantasia’s Sketchbook Tour as a special guest, along with Tank and The Bonfyre. Fall in love with "When You Love Somebody" below.

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