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Sesame Street Takes On Opioids Crisis

When we think of drug addiction, we always talk about how it affects adults. Sesame Street, a popular show for young children, has recently launched an initiative that will support the children whose parents are addicted to opioids. In order to relate the characters to the show’s viewers, they have created a new muppet Karli, whose goal is to inform people about how opioids affect families.

The show is hoping to have open and honest conversations between Karli and other Sesame Street Characters about how Karli’s life was affected once her mother was addicted to opioids. They are also going to attack the drug crisis outside of the television screen, by providing free online materials to children that will teach them how to build healthy habits and have games that will explain parental addiction.

Check out this clip from Sesame Street where Karli and Elmo discuss her mom’s addiction to opioids:

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