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Simone Biles Makes History

Sunday, October 13th, Simone Biles became the most decorated female gymnast in the world. She had a stellar performance in Stuttgart, Germany. Previously, she was awarded another medal for a team competition, making her total 21 medals. Less than a week later, her total is now 25 medals. Out of the 25, 19 are gold medals.

The previous record holder was Vitaly Scherbo who had 23 medals. It has been 23 years since the record has been touched. Biles earned the title after her execution on the balance beam and floor exercise. Although, she didn’t take home medals in all six events like last year, she isn’t focused on that.

“I can’t be more thrilled with the performance that I put out at this world championships,” Biles said. “I’m not a number person. I haven’t got a chance to process it yet, but I think we’ll do some celebrating tonight for all of it — for the team, for the medal count, for the fifth year in a row.”

The news also comes as a surprise when people remember Biles’ age. The world champion is only 22 years old and doesn’t seem to be stopping her drive anytime soon.

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