Did Fetty Wap Find His Trap Queen?

The power of social media has proved to be unmatched, especially for couples. Many people have seen their simple comment of a heart emoji be misconstrued by fans and the rest of the public. Once again, we have been left to question another possible relationship.

Allegedly, Fetty Wap secretly got married on August 3rd . His wife is reportedly “@rosedealer” via Instagram. She owns a luxury boutique and line of waist trainers. The two were seen together at the after-party of the MTV Video Music Awards on August 26th . A video surfaced the internet of the couple dancing together at the event.

To follow this, she posted a picture on her birthday about Fetty sending her 300 roses. “Out for a late birthday dinner with my girls. Even tho he all the way in Germany, my husband managed to send me 300 Roses. I f**king loveeeee you @fettywap1738” In another post, she added, “Wife Life.”

Since Rosedealer is from Canada, rumors have spread that this was a marriage for citizenship. The two haven’t confirmed nor denied their relationship, but all their posts on social media have pointed towards some type of relationship with one another.

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