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Stacey Dash Reveals The Truth About Her Arrest

On a Sunday evening, Stacey Dash was reportedly arrested for pushing and slapping her husband, Jeffrey Marty. The incident started with a call to 911. Afterwards, officers showed up and allegedly discovered scratches on his arms.

Days later, Marty dropped the case and paid $500 to bail Dash out of jail. Since then, Dash and her husband have released statements about the incident.

The Clueless star stated that the whole situation was only a disagreement between the couple.

"Like normal married couples my husband and I had a marital dispute that escalated," she tweeted, along with a link to her full statement. "Thank you for your support and love. Please give him the same."

In the full statement, it is explained that her husband never even filed charges. Instead, Dash was arrested as a formality. Marty even pointed out this fact in his personal statement.

"She was arrested over my objection at the time, but due to the pending investigation, I waited to comment until now," he said. "We both look forward to getting this behind us."

PEOPLE Magazine reported that the entire incident was actually self-defense by Dash. Marty was initially the aggressor and choked his wife, who fought back. So far, the couple has not commented on whether the details are true or not.

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