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Magic City Classic 2019

During the week of October 21, 2019, several events were hosted in Birmingham, Alabama all for one reason: the McDonald’s Magic City Classic. The Magic City Classic is the largest and most popular HBCU football game in the United States, between Alabama A&M University (Huntsville, AL) and Alabama State University (Montgomery, AL). For the past 78 years, the MCC has taken place on the historic Legion Field, location in Birmingham, Alabama.

Part of what makes this classic the best classic, is because of the engaging events and annual participants. During the week leading up to the classic, there are several programs that focused on HBCUs, a game day parade, tailgates, and a variety of parties! On the day of the game, at 8am, the city of Birmingham hosts a parade that gives local talent, athletic teams, and bands the opportunity to walk/ride the streets of Birmingham. Right after the parade, Coors Light sponsored the Coors Light Tailgate party, where people were selling food, playing loud music, and socializing with their old schoolmates while meeting new people.

At 2:30pm, thousands of people from all across the U.S. scanned their tickets and entered Legion Field for the 78th McDonald’s Magic City Classic. Last year, Alabama A&M won the game, so Alabama State fans were hoping to take the trophy home that night. Many people wore maroon and white to represent A&M or black and yellow to show off their State pride. Despite the on and off rain, spirits were high throughout the football game. Between the Marching Hornets and the Marching Maroon & White playing songs during breaks in the game, and the vibrant cheerleaders showing off their moves, fans in the stand were entertained. During halftime, both bands and majorette teams battled on the football field. A few hours later, and three overtime games later, Alabama A&M won the Magic City Classic with a score of 43 to 41. The AAMU crowd, band, and football players celebrated their victory by singing, dancing, and chanting all throughout the field and stands.

The night didn’t end once Alabama A&M won the 78th Magic City Classic, the party was just beginning. McDonald’s is the leading sponsor of the Classic, and their special guest for the post-game concert was none other than the man formerly known as ‘Tity Boi’, 2Chainz. He performed several songs, including his top hits, “I’m Different”, “Birthday Song” and “No Lie” ft. Drake. The crowd was full of people from different age groups, races, colleges and states, but everyone was all on one accord while dancing around to 2Chainz’s music.

Overall, the Magic City Classic was a great experience, and everyone should take the opportunity to attend, even if you are not from Alabama State or Alabama A&M.

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