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Should We Trust The White Coats?

We all trust our doctors right?...Or do we? The season is changing, and viruses are attacking which means it's time for your annual flu shot. I'm pretty sure we have all heard the phrase from our doctor... “Would like to get a flu shot today’’? Some may so yes and some may say no. Well a group of people in Oklahoma should've said no. Ten people at a group care facility were hospitalized after being mistakenly injected with insulin, instead of the flu shot. Eight of the people were patients at Jacquelyn House, which is a group home for adults with intellectual disabilities. The other two were staff members. After being injected, many of the patients had outstandingly low blood sugar, and were rushed to the hospital immediately. All of the patients are in good condition and have been released from the hospital. I know you are wondering how did this mistake happen and who did it? The pharmacist who gave the insulin, instead of the flu shot, has been in practice for forty years. It has been reported that the pharmacist is being cooperative and not being ambiguous. We are glad that all of the patients are doing well and there were no fatalities. I know we are supposed to trust our doctors, but be cautious when it comes to receiving shots.

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