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Kanye West Surprise Concert At Prison

Kanye West has been in the entertainment news headlines for quite a while, mainly because of his new commitment to living as a Christian man. For the past year, Kanye has been working on starting his own church through his Sunday Service ministry. This worship service originally started as Kanye West and a choir singing iterations of gospel music in California, now it has grown to an entire movement. Thousands of people all across the United States have flocked to his Sunder Service performances to hear and witness the new Kanye.

On November 15th, Kanye West and his choir performed several songs from “Jesus Is King”, West’s newest gospel album, at a jail in Houston, Texas. The inmates had no idea that they were going to witness a live Sunday Service, but the 200+ male inmates really seemed to enjoy the show. Right after they performed for the male inmates, the Sunday Service performers went through a tunnel underground to perform for a group of women inmates in the same jail.

One of the directors of the local Sheriff’s office, Jason Spencer, posted a tweet saying: “Say what you want about the man… But Kanye West and his choir brought some light to people who needed it today at the Harris County Jail." Though there are many people who support Kanye in her new journey, there are just as many people who do not believe in the authenticity of Kanye’s christianity.

Since performing at the Harris County Jail, Kanye and the Sunday Service ministry has performed at Joel Osteen’s Lakecook church as well.

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