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"Less Labels, More Expressions" - Alicia Keys

WHEW! So before I start let me just say society really makes/breaks an individual for sureee. Now, Alicia Keys went to vent to Instagram about an incident that occurred with her 4 year old son Genesis. Keys mentions in the video how her son had been excited to join her at the nail salon and he decided he wanted different colors on his nails like a rainbow. Once the nail tech was finished he then said "'Mommy, I don't want this on my nails". Now let me interject real quick. Y'all know EXACTLY where this story is headed right? Okay, cool just making sure we're on the same page. Now, he then tell his mom "People are not going to like it".

Now he's FOUR and afraid to be judged by others because of the way society has put labels on genders. Keys encouraged her son to stick with his idea and don't pay attention to what others think. I think it's crazy that you have to have pep talks with your kids at such a young age and to top it off their in the spotlight due to him having famous parents and at the age of 4 he's clearly aware of what's transpiring in society. I'll add the link to the full video so you all can watch it if you haven't; let us know your thoughts.

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