A Gospel Album From A Sinner

I’m not about to hold you Divah’s I am about to give this to you so raw! I think this is a JOKE, like comedy central, def jam special, Laugh Factory type of jokes. The same man who showboated his wife naked drank the Kool-aid, and supports Trump has all of a sudden had a revelation! Now don’t get me wrong we all remember “Jesus Walks” Kanye but this a completely different mess of music.

The album starts off so strong, with a great intro track that features only the Sunday Service Choir; it has a good melody and the choir is carrying those notes in a bucket honey! Then all of a sudden the second song he is literally reciting bible verses on top of an iMovie Thriller Trailer type of beat. It has the suspense scene change 808’s and everything! Like if you were to close your eyes and listen to this song you would honestly believe you were listening to an unreleased hip-hop “Ben-Hur” trailer, I mean really Divahs it even has the credit fade out sound at the end of the track. It’s just so hilariously insane to me that the same man that wrote lyrics about bleaching assholes is now preaching the word of Jesus Christ himself. Now do not get me wrong, sinners turn over a new leaf every day and we are thankful for that but this is a real jokeof turning over that leaf. This man has written a song about Chic-fil-A being closed on Sunday literally I wish I was lying! Now he has admitted in the album that the devil had his soul and he found the Lord and with all the things that have happened in his life it’s not hard to believe that. But I feel like he is writing these songs as a thank you to the Lord for sparing him all these times and less about pleasing an audience. He has had really good features on the album though just in case the creation of this album was actually for the latter reason aforementioned (but I highly doubt it.) Pierre Bourne, Ty Dolla $ign, Fred Hammond and Clipse have all been featured on the project. Now instinctively a man who has lived a life like Kanye has the bible belt, holy roller, baptist bigots in an uproar because they believe that he is not really turned his life over to God, just making a mockery of their faith.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not here for anybody’s faith to be made fun of but I didn’t grow up in those super stereotypical black churches so I personally wasn’t offended by his creation, but black bible-thumping twitter is in an absolute uproar. Truly though he is right a little bit in track nine “Hands On” he was saying “God was my mission... what have you been hearing from the Christians? They’ll be the first ones to judge me, make it seem like no one loves me... To say I’m changed you think I’m joking to praise his name you ask what I’m smoking.” Either way it goes he can do no good, especially in their eyes. The Christian community will be the first to say everybody needs to be worshiping the Lord and the minute the man does that they judge him! If you’re in for a good laugh and aren’t super secularly sensitive I would listen to it, unless of course you’re apart of the cancel culture and deemed him unlistenable without merit and simply because twitter told you to! But that’s another story for another time.

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