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Tinashe’s New Single “Touch & Go” Featuring 6LACK

R&B sensation, Tinashe recently dropped her new single “Touch & Go” featuring 6LACK. The single is off of her latest album entitled Songs For You. The singer is mainly known for her hits like “2 On” featuring SchoolBoy Q and “Throw a Fit.” Produced by Killah B, “Touch & Go” is a mellow track that exudes straight chill vibes. With Tinashe’s soft voice and 6LACK’s beautiful smooth flow, they make a song about a relationship with declined feelings sound seductive.

Tinashe sings “I just wanna fix this, but you don't wanna try/ If you don't wanna be here, why you always on my line?/ Puttin' your peace over mine/ Meet me in the middle, oh/ Touch and Go.” The song explains the process of being in a relationship where your mate loses feelings for you and the relationship becomes predominantly sexual. As far as how the collaboration with 6LACK came about, Instagram is the platform to thank. Tinashe went to social media to ask her fans who they wanted her to collaborate with and after many people stated 6LACK, he responded and later they created “Touch & Go.” The single is one of fifteen tracks on Tinashe’s latest album. The album has hit #1 on the R&B charts and it is worth listening to. “Touch & Go” is available on all streaming platforms for listening. Also, be sure to check out the lyric video for the single down below!

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