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What’s the Matter, Brik?

Is that you Usher? Brik. Liam is the new voice of R&B and with a sense of book smarts too! Liam’s new EP release marks his debut with Morton Records! The R&B songster has graced the stage with many reputable voices such as Lalah Hathaway and many other great talents. Although taking many cues from these artists, this particular EP has a very different style. Firstly the ingenious Liam has designed the EP in a very unique way.

The EP, What's the Matter, Brik? follows the fluidity of the stages of matter. Solid, Sublimation, Gas, Condensation, Liquid, Ionization, Plasma and Insoluble. I know it feels like I brought us back to tenth-grade chemistry class but that is actually the tracklist. Brik.Liam named each song in the EP after a stage in the transformation of matter not only because he is an educated man but because it reflects the physical change he experiences as a man. The EP alone speaks volumes about the musical proclivity he possesses. Lyrically the music tells a story of heartbreak and the pain that comes with that. While the track titles tell a separate but parallel story. The process of change in matter can be very strenuous yet it is still growing, the music tells this same story. The pain of heartbreak but the growth and development that comes from that lesson is what Brik.Liam is trying to get us to understand. In the last song, he actually explains the meaning of love in his eyes. “To me, love is like energy or forms of matter if you will, it can grow and subside but it doesn’t really always die. Which I wish it would sometimes but it doesn’t simply just changes its form.” It most definitely is a piece I would recommend you take the time to listen to not only for the musicality and vocal ability but to get an understanding of him as an artist. Listening to this EP was like discerning an abstract art exhibit, it's going to speak to you differently than it spoke to me. Listen to "Insoluble" below!

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