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Big City... Big Money

Let’s play Guess who! You may know him as Jamal Lion from the tv show, Empire, and here’s the catch…. this person is suing the city of Chicago. You guessed right-- Jussie Smollett! On January 29, 2019, Jussie Smollett was allegedly beaten very badly by two men in the city of Chicago. Smollett reported the following: the two men were wearing MAGA (Make America Great Again) apparel, they poured chemical substances on Jussie, and wrapped a rope around his neck. Jussie was sent to the hospital due to the horrifying incident. There has been some evidence about this incident being reportedly staged. Ever since then, Jussie’s image has gone down hill.

He has been kicked off the show Empire, and he is not as trustworthy in the industry anymore. It just gets messier! The City of Chicago is suing Smollett and, by law, they’re entitled to triple the amount they lost. However, they are suing for double that amount. Jussie Smollett is suing Chicago for "malicious prosecution that caused humiliation and extreme distress."

Lets see how far Mr. Smollett gets with his lawsuit against Chicago.

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