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Issa Rae Teams Up With HBO Max For New Comedy Series

Issa Rae has constantly added to her resume for the front of the camera action, to her behind the camera creativity. Rae is known for her creation Insecure, which she also stars in. Furthermore, she has the Black Lady Sketch Show. Now, the new streaming service, HBO Max is collaborating with Rae to produce a new series called Rap Sh*t. The reveal came on WarnerMedia Day.

The reveal also gave a slight teaser of the plot. Rap Sh*t is a half-hour series that will follow a fictional Florida rap group who are praying to break into the music industry. As of now, the executive producers include Rae, Montrel McKay, Jonathan Berry, and Dave Becky. Rae will also be writing the pilot that is scheduled to debut in May 2020 HBO Max.

Other comedies are also scheduled to debut from the streaming service. The first one will star Elizabeth Banks in DC Super Hero High. This TV comedy will follow various teenagers and their struggles during their adolescent years. It is made to be a fun drama as they navigate the pressures at their boarding school. The plot gets more interesting since these teenagers will, unknowingly, become legendary DC superheroes. The second comedy is titled College Girls. Three 18-year-old freshman will be navigating the balance of hormones and sex. Overall, the characters have been established to be lovable, frustrating, and relatable.

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