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GoldLink's Post About Mac Miller Leaves Fans Outraged

DMV rapper GoldLink recently made a controversial post regarding Mac Miller. Although the post was made to clear the rumors about his relationship with Miller, it only left fans even more outraged. In the post, GoldLink believed that Miller’s Divine Feminine knocked off his And After That, We Didn’t Talk. He never actually used the word “steal” which is his response to all the backlash, but the post did seem messy on his end. In fact, Anderson Paak even felt the need to address his post and his blatant disrespect.

“You ain’t the first to make an album inspired by a relationship, you ain’t the first to make a song featuring Anderson. Paak but you are the first to disrespect my friend who is no longer here for absolutely no reason and I can’t stand for that,” Paak said. “If Divine feminine was such a blueprint of your record then tell me where the plaques are for whatever your sh*t was called.”

As stated before, GoldLink has since denied any disrespectful intentions surrounding the post. He even spoke to reporters after his show in Hamburg, Germany to show just how significant Miller was to him. First, he addressed how Miller was the steppingstone to his career.

“Without Mac Miller, there would be no Goldlink. You say whatever the f*ck you want… you say it however the f*ck you want it. You don’t have to explain yourself to no-motherf*ckin’-body… we ain’t worried about n****s that we don’t know,” said GoldLink.

So far, no one else has decided to address the original post made by GoldLink. It is uncertain to say if him and Anderson Paak have spoken to each other personally.

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