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Johnny Depp Denies Rumors About New Musical

Recently rumors spread that famous actor, Johnny Depp, would be producing a new and interesting biopic about Michael Jackson. The film is set to be a musical. Furthermore, instead of starring a Michael Jackson look-alike, the white glove will be the star. Specifically, the glove will be the sole reason behind the artist’s sexual abuse allegations. Although, Depp’s team has denied these rumors, the film was still able to get financial backing.

The film is titled For the Love of Glove: An Unauthorized Musical Fable About the Life of Michael Jackson, as Told by His Glove. Its unusual plot comes from writer, Julien Nitzberg. Reportedly, this is not the first project Nitzberg has worked on that surrounded the idea of an MJ biopic. He said that he turned down the opportunity to write a TV movie for a network because of his outlandish plot idea.

“The question came up [about] how to deal with the child-abuse allegations," he began. "I said, how’s this? Everything MJ has been accused of has actually been caused by his glove, which is actually an alien from outer space [and] feeds on virgin boy blood. They laughed and said, can you do the normal version?"

Although the film does grasp a different perspective, the film seems to intrigue many people. The audience will be able to follow Jackson and the glove in Neverland, a fantasy ranch in Santa Barbara County. In the end, the glove needs young boys to feed off of, and utilizes Jackson to get his advantage. Additionally, the musical will have puppets playing characters as well. Nitzberg also directed the film. The composers include Drew Erickson, Nicole Morier, and Max Townsley. The official premiere will happen in Los Angeles on January 25th, 2020.

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