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Kevon Carter Lifts Spirits With New Album “Finally”

Husband, father, comedian/musician, and social media influencer, Kevon Carter has now added recording artist to his list of titles with the upcoming release of his new album. Entitled Finally, Carter’s new album consists of sixteen gospel tracks that are bound to uplift any listener out of a funk. The “Church Chronicles” creator set the record straight in a YouTube video on his channel, showcasing how much of a powerful message his upcoming project will exude. Kevon Carter has shown that his social influence makes a difference in thousands of people’s lives, so one can only imagine how impactful his music will be.

With an accumulative amount of 474,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram, AND 50,000 on Youtube, Kevon Carter uses his social platforms to spread the word of God and spiritual encouragement through humor, relatability, and music. His Finally album will be the first time in a long time that he releases his musicality in its fullest form, although we’ve gotten snippets from his “Fix My Song” segments and collaborations with music artists on Instagram. Needless to say, the Finally album will grant the much-needed uplifting that is needed to finish out the year and to bring in the new decade. Kevon Carter’s album Finally will be available on all digital streaming platforms on December 27th, 2019. Be sure to follow his social media pages on Instagram and Facebook @IAmKevonCarter and stay tuned for the release of his project.

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