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Tom Joyner Retires After 25+ Years of Urban Radio Talk Show

Tom Joyner, one of America’s most well known radio hosts, has recently retired from working as a media personality on the radio. If you’ve ever listened to his show, you can probably sing his well known introduction jingle, “It’s the Tom Joyner Morning Show” sung by a small chorus group. Joyner has had his own syndicated radio show for nearly 25 years, despite haters saying that his show would never be successful, especially since it was aimed at an urban market. Outside of his upbeat and outgoing personality, Tom Joyner was known for being a believer and a doer. Not only would he keep you intrigued and laughing on the radio, but he would encourage you to go out and make a difference in your community while he was in his community making a difference too! He has supporting Historically Balck Colleges and Universities, the United Negro College Fund, Voter Registration and other issues that affected african american communities.

In the 1990s, there was not a show that was solely dedicated to African American listeners, but Tom Joyner truly helped pave the way. Now, there are shows like The Breakfast Club and The Rickey Smiley Morning Show, that are aimed toward black communities! Due to Rickey Smiley’s hardwork and dedication, Joyner has decided to name Smiley as his successor, meaning that Smiley’s talk show will now be moved to Joyner’s time and affiliate radio stations. Rickey Smiley, along with Eva Marcille (former winner of America’s Next Top Model and current cast member on Real Housewives of Atlanta) and Gary Wit Da Tea (a television actor) will be on the show with him, starting in January of 2020.

Though Tom Joyner will no longer be on the radio, he is not going to stop working hard! He is going to give his foundation, the Tom Joyner Foundation, his full attention and work hard to provide scholarships to students that attend HBCUs across the country, as well as new initiatives that he is planning on starting. After his final broadcast on December 13th, many well known figures took time out to say their farewell to Joyner, such as Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, Bomani Jones, and Andrew Gillum. I am quite sure that Joyner will be a guest on someone’s radio station soon, sharing what he is doing in the community and his opinion on whatever issues society is dealing with at the time.

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