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RayJ releases new EP - “Emerald City” Featuring Brandy and K Michelle

On December 13th 2019, Ray J dropped his new EP Emerald City featuring his sister Brandy and the lovely K Michelle. With this EP, the singer goes back and showcases his roots in Gospel music with one track in particular titled “Church on Sunday Morning", which features Knotch. Also included is a track titled “Emerald City” which includes the beautiful vocals of his sister Brandy. In the track she sings of the success her brother has reached and how that success was only possible through God. Following is a feature with K. Michelle titled “Party’s over” which is thought to be a fan favorite according to both artists.

In an interview, Ray J stated “Music is my first love and in its my roots”. Not only is Ray J one with the music but he has become a multi talented man in the world of tech. Just recently he has secured a $31 million dollar deal that launched his new electronic transportation brand called Raycon.Now partnering with Cowboy Wholesale, a leading distributor of consumer electronics based in New York City, Ray J is now and active full-time overseer of marketing and global branding strategy. Check out Ray J’s new EP Emerald City now available for streaming on all major platforms. To keep up to date with RayJ follow him on all social media platforms using the handle @RayJ.


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