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Mac Miller's Legacy Lives: New Album titled “Circles”

If you listen to mainstream hip hop, you know the name Mac Miller. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and internationally known as a rapper, singer, songwriter, and music producer, Mac Miller left his mark in the music industry for years to come. In early January, his family decided to give his fans one final piece of Mac Miller: his final studio album, that is titled “Circles”.

The new album was officially released to the public on January 17th, features Miller rapping alongside live instruments and gives fans one final look into his life before he passed away.

Mac Miller died on September 7, 2018 due to accidental drug overdose of substances like fentanyl, alcohol and cocaine. He was found unresponsive in his Los Angeles home by his personal assistant and was pronounced dead as soon as paramedics arrived. Miller’s death was a huge shock to the nation, and millions of people mourned and expressed their gratitude for Miller’s craft via social media, physical momentos, and expressions of love towards the family.

Miller’s family decided to post one final image on Mac Miller’s social media, sharing that they cannot believe that Miller was taken away from them, and that is still does not feel real. They go on to say that they know how hard he was working on the album, and that they felt as though they should share it with the world. Click this link to see the entire post:

Since Miller’s death in 2018, celebrities, such as Ariana Grande, have included Mac Miller’s name in their music and continue to pay it forward. Some even performed at a tribute concert that was put on to celebrate his life. Since the release of “Circles” it has been publicized that there will be several pop-up music listening exhibitions for fans to come together and listen to the new album. Entry for the music listening sessions will be free but merchandise sold will be passed on to The Mac Miller Fund, which is focused on supporting young musicians through the Pittsburgh Foundation.

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