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RHOA Episode 12 Recap

This season of Real Housewives of Atlanta has been full of tea… piping hot tea, but also several beautiful moments! The girls just got back from Carnival, which took place in Canada, and they had a really good time (for the most part). As soon as Eva came back to the states, she and her husband Mike finished up getting their daughter Marley’s last name changed to Mike’s last name, instead of her biological father’s name. Too bad that was the only nondramatic portion of the episode. Most of the episode was focused on the drama that Kenya caused during their last night in Canada. While at dinner, Kenya asked the group if they would want to know if their significant other cheated on them, and some of the girls knew that Kenya was trying to send a signal to Tanya about her boyfriend, Paul.

Tanya didn’t say anything about it while at dinner, but had a feeling that Kenya was directing the negative energy towards her. A couple days later, Kandi, Tanya, Marlo and Porsha went to the spa and Tanya pulls out a wig that Kenya accidentally left at the hotel. When Marlo heard the word Kenya and wig in the same sentence, she went crazy! Kenya always denies wearing wigs and says that she embraces her hair and doesn’t rely on weaves, wigs and extensions. Everyone is laughing during the conversation, and Kandi offers to take the wig and give it back to Kenya. A few days later, Kandi, Cynthia and Kenya went out to lunch and got on the subject of the wig. Kenya says she only wore the wig once, but didn’t share the reason why she wore it (which she shouldn’t have to). She also went on to say that the woman that she met was prettier than Tanya! For a little background, while at a cookie shop, Kenya and Cynthia met a woman who said that Tanya’s boyfriend Paul was making flirtatious advances towards her. We are unsure of when the next time Kenya and Tayna will be in the same room, but you better believe that Kenya is going to confront Tanya about.

Meanwhile, Dennis and Porsha are still working on their relationship and getting it back to where it was. Dennis re-proposed in Canada to Porsha, and she immediately said yes, but he is not off of probation just yet. They scheduled a sit down meeting with Porsha and Dennis’ moms and Porsha’s sister Lauren. The sit down wasn’t a calm conversation, but it wasn’t a complete disaster either! Dennis said that he was going to be more accountable and he hopes that Miss Diane (Porsha’s mom) and Lauren would be more accepting of him, but they explained that it’s going to take a while, because he cheated on Porsha! Despite the conversation not being ideal, Porsha felt as though it was a step in the right direction.I am looking forward to seeing the next episode and watching what drama will go down.

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