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Jade Novah Releases NEW Single “Somebody Son”

Multi-talented singer/songstress, Jade Novah recently released her first single of the year, “Somebody Son.” The new single foreshadows a potential upcoming project for the “All Blue” artist. To no surprise, Jade Novah has provided another happy, finger-snapping bop for listeners. “Somebody Son” is an up-tempo, catchy song about Novah wanting to “push up on somebody’s son.” She sings "I'm tryna push up on somebody son / Baby, you could be the perfect one/ I'm tryna kick it with somebody son / Maybe you could be the one” so beautifully, that I’m sure no one’s son would deny. As if the song couldn’t be any more enjoyable to hear, the cover compliments the track perfectly. The cover art shows a Polaroid picture of Jade Novah dancing on her husband/producer, Devin Johnson.

Noting that she often finds her inspiration for music on social media and just from life itself, Novah got the inspiration for this particular track from meme culture. Needless to say, Jade Novah definitely has more music coming for the year, and “Somebody Son” is definitely a great start. Along with the release of “Somebody Son”, Jade Novah announced that she is going on tour in March. Her “Stages” tour will take off on March 20th, and she’ll be visiting most of the major cities in the US. Be sure to stream “Somebody Son” on all streaming platforms. For more information about her tour, visit

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