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Marvel Introduces the First Openly Gay Superhero

Marvel already made history with their box office hit, Endgame, but they are looking to shock the world with another movie that will go down in history, specifically because of a certain character: Phastos. Marvel is releasing a new movie in November of 2020, titled The Eternals. The role of Phastos is being portrayed by Bryan Tyree Henry, who is best known from starring on the FX series, Atlanta, as “Paper Boi”. The movie features other stars such as Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, and Richard Madden, all who will portray aliens who are over 35,000 years old.

Not only will the movie feature the first openly gay superhero character, but it will also feature a diverse cast. During Marvel’s San Diego Comic-Con during the summer of 2019, Salma Hayek said, “This movie will allow those who have never felt represented in movies, in this case superheroes, to be represented. I love my diverse family.” The film will be focused on a group of beings that are known as “eternals”, who were originally normal human beings, but transformed into higher level beings from alien experiments. The Eternals are able to fly, teleport, read minds, shape-shift, and they have super-strength. Apparently Thanos, the super villain from Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame and Avengers: Infinity War, was one of the Eternals, but his genes were from the Deviants, the evil counterparts of the Eternals. It has not been confirmed if the backstory of Thanos is going to be explored during this movie, but there is a pretty good chance that we will understand more about Thanos’ background.

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