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Instagram Live Concerts

In light of the recent pandemic, all concerts and events have been cancelled to respect the new social distancing that has been applied all over the world. Many artists have started having live streaming concerts on social media via Instagram live or other platforms. Live sets help lift the spirits of each respective artists’ fans. Just when Miss Rona thought she stopped the whole world, artists are finding creative ways to keep their fans motivated and entertained while still practicing safe social distancing. The trendsetter who hosted the first live video party was DJ D-nice.

The creative DJ started an Instagram live party where you could feel as if you were in the club from the comfort of your own home. It all started Friday, March 20th, and everyone who was anybody tuned in for his live. He was even shouting-out celebrities and taking song requests from those watching and interacting. He connected with over one-hundred-thousand viewers on Instagram Live within the first 15-minutes. What DJ D-Nice began has become a movement that even other famous people like Michelle Obama, Oprah, and Magic Johnson, Kelly Rowland have joined in. At a time like this, people need an escape from reality to take their mind off of the Corona Virus that is causing everyone to suffer.

Anthony Hamilton and other artists teamed up with a nonprofit to sponsor a live Instagram concert, in his words to “Ease your mind and bring you back to what's real and beautiful about life, which is music and fellowship.” This is a game changer that could possibly switch the course of the whole music industry. Now, instead of spending hundreds of dollars to enjoy their favorite artist live. Fans can tune in for free to little cost from the comfort of their home from anywhere.

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